Brehmerís Candiesí award-winning Nuts & Chews include buttery English almond toffee (loaded with almonds), honey nougat with almonds, crisp butterscotch, honey marshmallow, almond clusters, and decadent caramels.   These luscious candies (except the wrapped caramels) are all dipped in gourmet dark chocolate.
 Almond Caramels  Almond Caramels 
Our rich, chewy caramels loaded with roasted, lightly salted almonds and dipped part-way in rich dark chocolate.  If you like nuts with your caramel, you will love this candy.  Each box cont.. More

 Almond-Coconut Caramel  Almond-Coconut Caramel 
Our rich and delicious chewy caramel full of roasted almonds and toasted coconut... More

 Assorted Nuts & Chews  Assorted Nuts & Chews 
This assortment contains one to two pieces each of our nutty, chewy, and/or crunchy candies, including English toffee, almond caramels, covered caramels, wrapped caramels, wrapped chocolate caram.. More

 Big Box Nuts & Chews  Big Box Nuts & Chews 
18 + ounces of assorted nuts and chews, including English toffee, almond caramel, almond clusters, butterscotch, covered caramel, honey marshmallow, honey nougat, marshmallow-caramel, or you can choos.. More

 Butterscotch  Butterscotch 
Crisp butterscotch, made flavorful with butter and honey, and dipped in gourmet dark chocolate.  Each box contains at least 8 ounces of candy... More

 Chocolate Covered Caramels  Chocolate Covered Caramels 
Our rich caramels covered in gourmet dark chocolate and boxed for your pleasure.  The chocolate is crisp and bittersweet and the caramel rich and chewy.  Yum!  Each box contains at leas.. More

 Honey Nougat  Honey Nougat 
Chewy nougat made with honey, mixed with roasted almonds and dipped in gourmet dark chocolate.  Delicious!  Each box contains at least 8 ounces of candy... More

 Marshmallow Caramel  Marshmallow Caramel 
This is a delicious combination of caramel and our honey marshmallow, dipped in gourmet dark chocolate for a chewy delight.  Each box contains at least 8 ounces of candy... More

 Wrapped Caramels  Wrapped Caramels 
Made with fresh, heavy cream and butter for richness, and flavored with molasses and vanilla extract.  These chewy caramels have a fabulous flavor, whether you choose the classic caramel or .. More

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